New Ties

Our DREAM TEAM works tirelessly to get your your custom works to your home.

Our artist loves creating custom bows the match the color of your wedding or baby’s room.

Check out below the amazing invitations or custom THANK YOU NOTES, our artists created with one of her paintings below!

How to Register

(Don’t feel like messing with tech! Simply contact my team, and we will assist you! We walk you through it set by step! Just send us an email!)

First Way

  1. Go Zola or The Knot and add on your Registry that you are registered on (Contact our team to create a registry for you on The Knot, Zola, or another website).

Second Way

2. Create a custom item on your registry. Just like you would add an item from a local store, and put which color, title of my artwork, and size you desire. Add my so your guest can be directed to my site. There you guest can checkout your item.

Extra Questsions

How will guests know which piece you’d like?

  1. Your guests will know the image you want them to gift you by adding the Title of my artwork in your description (you can also add the image of my artwork you wish them to select).

To add an image, simply screen shot the image of my art work, and save the image as a photo. Then, upload that photo into Zola/The Knot. (Please contact our team for any questions on this).

Featured collection