Professional Portraits, Weddings, and Grandparents

Time to celebrate and remember!

Professional Portrait

Meredith’s artwork has been sought after by debutantes, judges, law firms, corporations, and medical practices.

New Orleans scene has endless Mardi Gras balls and galas that are calling to be captured.

On the professional side, many practices seek her renderings of their accomplishments in oil paintings.

She believes Your Moment lasts forever and should forever be adorned and adored.


Is there anything more truly spectacular than being a bride?

Every BRIDE deserves her moment to LAST FOREVER.

Bridal Portraits can be:

  • used at the ceremony or reception (often these portraits are painted from a reference of her pre-bridal photo shoot)


  • given as a gift for the bride after her wedding

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Grandparents and Loved Ones

Meredith got the idea from her own wedding to paint her grandparents on their wedding day, because her grandpa passed away before the ceremony. 

Even though he wasn’t able to attend, a painting of him hung up at her reception. 

“The last thing he said to me was that my art brings beauty into this world. So many people HONOR their parents by hanging photos on their bouquets, but I wanted him to be there. And, in my way he attended”

- Meredith Graf

Meredith would love to bring your love ones back for that very special day. 

Contact Meredith to encapsulate the memory running through your mind!

Luxury Invitation Designs

Want GRAF to design your dream invitation? Look no further!

Take a peak at these fabulous invitations.

Open this envelope and open your eyes into this dream wedding.

After all what better says this party will be a blast than the most FUN invite!

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